Womens Gym Tops

Sara Crave


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Gym Top 

This modern womens gym top will keep you feeling cool and looking hot. Don't let its cute appearance trick you--this top packs a punch. Made of sports-performance SUPPLEX fabric, this top will stand up to your toughest workouts. This womens sportswear top is form fitting yet breathable and flexible enough to keep up with your body in motion. Best of all, SUPPLEX doesn't lose its shape, even after repeated washes. The cuteness is just an added bonus.

This full length womens gym top comes in graphite with energetic red trim. It features a color-block bust and sporty racerback with bold strappy detailing. Why not give your competition something to look at as you leave them in the dust? With SaraCrave sportswear womens tops, you know they'll be looking.

Gym top features;

  • Durable, wear-resistant fabric
  • Comfortable and quick to dry
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Full length for complete coverage and modesty
  • Bold yet simple detailing

Strong yet sleek, comfortable yet cute, this womens gym top will make you look like a rockstar while you kick some butt at the gym. Even better? It's part of a complete line of style-conscious activewear that will make you never want to miss a work out. Welcome to the all new line of sportswear from Sara Crave, womens tops that are as tough as they are cute.